Fantasy Futon Types


Alias the foam-core futon, this filling is the best value for money and is the filling we use on all our sofa beds. The layer of foam acts likes a spring preventing the cotton layers from bunching together to making it more durable than the cotton futon.


Cotton is the traditional and the most economical filling available. A new cotton futon is nice and fluffy to start with, however it does not stay like this and will pack down with use. We suggest weekly maintenance with this filling to gain maximum benefit and longevity.

100% cotton is the firmest filling and the thinner the thickness the harder it is.


Wool is warmer and much softer than pure cotton but less durable than foam. It is a seasonal futon, meaning that you have the option to sleep on the wool side for warmth or the cotton side to keep cool. This futon is versatile and 100% natural.

wool foam cottonWOOL / COTTON / FOAM

This is a good all round futon. It combines the softness and warmth of wool and the durability of high density bedding foam with the traditional support of cotton. During its
lifetime this combination is one of the most versatile futons that we offer. It is not too hard or too soft, rather a compromise between the two and can also be used seasonally;
i.e. the wool side up in winter and the cotton side up in summer.

dual foam cottonDUAL FOAM / COTTON

This futon has two layers of foam and most resembles a inner-spring mattress. While it is not as fluffy to start with as a pure cotton futon, this is a very long lasting futon and will remain firm, supportive, and light with minimal maintenance.


This is the softest combination available. It consists of three layers of contour foam with four layers of cotton. The contour foam is recommended for pressure points (used in
hospitals and nursing homes) providing supple support whilst asleep. This futon needs less maintenance than others. However due to the consisteny of the fibres used it will need approximately 3 months for the futon to settle evenly all over.


This filling is 100% natural. Latex is a natural derivative of the rubber tree. It combines the support of cotton with the durability and longevity of latex. Therefore if you enjoy the
support and firmness of the pure cotton futon but don't like the compression or high maintenance involved, this is the futon for you.


laughcouple-testimonialJustine Psarras says
"My futon is perfect and II sleep so much better now!"



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