What is a futon??

Futons have been around for 2000 years. They originate from Japan but they can also be found

all over the world these days due to their practical qualities. Some of the benefits of a

futon are:

  • They are excellent for people with bad backs.
  • They are half the price of inner-spring and water beds.
  • They are easily transportable (they fit into most 4 door sedans).

Although sometimes people use the term "futon" to refer to the mattress AND the base, here

at Fantasy Futon we prefer to use the term just to refer to the mattress part of the bed.
The most supportive feature about a futon is the cotton. Cotton contours to your back shape

and provides full body support to the sleeper. A slatted base is essential to give your

mattress proper support and to allow proper air circulation.
Please refer to our Futons section for details on the different futon fillings available and

for information on how to care for a futon! To view our range of bases please refer to our

Beds and Sofa Beds sections COMING SOON!


laughcouple-testimonialJustine Psarras says
"My futon is perfect and II sleep so much better now!"



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